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B i o g r a p h y

Hello. I am a young working professional fresh out of graduate school. I am a performing musician, teacher, and collaborating artist. 

As a performer, teacher, and collaborator, my goal is to inspire others and be an encouraging voice and companion. We as people are not meant to live in isolation. Music has been my comfort and joy in every season of life, and my only hope is to get to share its healing qualities with others.

I was born with a physical disability--an ulnar deficiency, where I am missing a left elbow and have only three fingers on the left hand. At 2 years old, I was adopted by my wonderful parents, both physical therapists, who raised me in the beautiful Sonoma County of California and taught me how to navigate every day life growing up with a limb difference. Since then, I've been on a very persistent and independent journey with music as my source of confidence to learn how to love myself and others well.


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